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How to Optimize SEO Youtube

For the times I will provide very interesting information, which maybe you also do not know this information, namely "How to Optimize SEO Youtube" and here I will review this information in detail for you for free.

Maybe a lot of blogs explain this, but I'm sure many also provide this information in a way that is paid and not free, so I provide a solution for it all, because all the information here I give for free or free.

Because I am currently exploring YouTube in the Reyh Creator channel, I feel intrigued to provide information on how to optimize YouTube itself, and not many people know about this, so many beginner YouTubers fall or fail because they don't know how to optimize SEO. YouTube itself.

To run YouTube SEO is actually the same as running SEO Blog because it has similarities in its optimization techniques if I think personally, and don't worry for a beginner it can be done because it's very easy.

Well, I'll just discuss one by one here:

1. Decoration or Channel Display

For bloggers we may know the name Themes and for YouTube we can also use the same technique that is optimizing our Channel view, by optimizing for example channel cover, channel icon, and also optimizing the home page of our youtube channel.

In this way, this channel can look attractive and many people want to see our video that we uploaded earlier.

2. Fucking Tumbnail

Here one of the important factors that must be considered, and this is one way to increase CTR on Youtube, meaning that by using a nice thumbnail it will increase the number of clicks on our video, with so many clicks on the video it does not rule out the possibility that our video will many spectators.

3. Video Title

Use an interesting video title, apart from the thumbnail then the title factor also influences, and by creating an interesting title does not rule out the possibility that YouTube visitors will see your video.

4. Description of Video

This description will also make your video look at a lot of people, which by using a good video description making strategy will make your video easy to find.

5. Video tags

This is the most important, in blogger you know the name of keywords and on youtube we know as tags, and here the main factor is how many of our videos can be found, namely by optimizing tags on our videos.

well that's the 5 ways to optimize our youtube channel, and also need to note that the name makes a good youtube channel by following the prevailing youtube rules, and not using the youtube policy itself.

Apart from that it is important that the name optimizes videos on youtube channels with SEO methods, because with that method our channels and videos will be easily found by visitors on Youtube itself.

So for those of you who want to develop on YouTube you can use this method, try one at a time to run it, so that your channel can continue to grow

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