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How to Optimize Tags on Youtube Videos

Optimize Tags on Youtube Videos

Here's how to optimize YouTube so that it is more Seo fredenly and by using tags in YouTube videos, our videos will be optimized and SEO FRENDENLY so that our videos will be easily found in the YouTube search column and it will increase the number of viwer and also the number of impressions per minute on the channel Our YouTube, just imagine by using tags on video then the video that we upload will be easily found by searchers on YouTube and it is possible that our videos will be tranding on YouTube.

Actually there are so many that can make our video more SEO but what I will discuss now is how to optimize tags on videos on YouTube channels, so that our videos will be easily found in the YouTube search column.

Before going to the discussion it would be better if you know what the tag on the video first, so the VIDIO TAG is a keyword that aims to make it easier for other users to find videos in the YouTube database, actually the same as we play Blogger where we need keywords to can optimize the articles that we have so that they can be easily found on google searches, and can appear on the first page of Google, and that also applies to YouTube if other users type keywords or tags on YouTube searches, there will be some references provided by YouTube and has been registered in the YouTube database itself.

So from that it is very important if we want to play on YouTubr and even want to earn money from YouTube then we have to be able to optimize the keywords or tags in a video that we make, by using tags and can optimize the tag then we can easily make our videos appears on the YouTube search page.

How to optimize it can follow a few steps below:

1. Seeing Fucking

Why do you have to see a video?
Because we are required to know what is in the video that we make, and really understand the contents of the content that we have so that we will easily decide which tags we will use for these videos, and using tags that are relevant to the content will add value added to YouTube video SEO optimization itself.

2. Put a Tag on the Title

Don't forget to add a tag to the video title because this will add SEO value to the video that we have and provide relevant tags to save in the video titles that we have, with this video we can easily get the spotlight from YouTube because of videos we upload more good and relevant SEO levels to get to the first page on YouTube search.

3. Tag the Description

This is also important, and remember to insert a few tags in the description. I suggest to arrange several tags into a sentence and give a number of times that have been given the tag at the top of the description so that it can be seen when we are in search, by applying this, our videos also have added value and have a level Good SEO.

4. Relevant Tag Selection

As I told you in the first part that we have to see videos that we have so that we can determine the tags that are relevant to that video, it's just that I also have an artifact to make it easier for you to find relevant tags, you can search for tags by typing one or two words on YouTube search then you can see auto complete which youtube gives to us and that's what you can use to be tagged on your video. Or you can also search for tags on Google Keywoard Plenner there, you can get lots of tags, it's just that after I try it is too global because the tags also include tags on google search, so it's better to search on Youtube so you can get more specific tags.

Now here's how to optimize tags on YouTube videos so don't take it for granted, that by optimizing tags on YouTube videos, our videos will be more SEO and can appear on the first page on YouTube search, hopefully this article can help you who want to start becoming a YouTuber.

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