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Beginner YouTuber Equipment

This is the equipment for beginner youtuber with simple equipment that can be very good content and can be enjoyed by many people

Beginner Youtube

This word is often heard for people who have just entered the youtube world and just created a channel and started managing their YouTube channel.

 Many people think that to start making YouTube channels and making youtube content must need a good tool, whereas with a simple tool can make good content and can be enjoyed by many people. For beginner YouTubers do not worry about the channel can not develop, because in the world of YouTube the most important is not the tool used but the content provided.

 Even though in the future you have to be able to adjust and improve the quality of the content provided, but for the long term, after you feel that you have enough money to make a YouTube channel you have visual quality.

Beginner YouTuber equipment

For equipment that is needed does not have to use expensive equipment and with a simple tool you can make the content you want.

  This is YouTuber equipment for Beginners

1. smartphone

For cameras because we discuss beginner YouTubers, for cameras we don't have to use cameras that have good quality, we just need our smartphones to record videos. With a smartphone camera we can record and create our own Youtube content. For smartphones, it doesn't have to be with a well-known brand or even a Smartphone with a price of IDR 1,000,000, - (One Million Rupiah) is good, for example a smartphone that I use to create content on the Reyh Creator channel is a Xiaomi Redmi 5A Smartphone and this is enough for Beginner YouTubers.

2. Mini Tripiot

Usually for beginner YouTubers do not have a team to create content then we need Tripot to make our smartphone camera still, and with this mini tripot we will be simplified in content creation.

Especially for Vlogger YouTubers, the tripot is dizzy, and the price itself is not expensive, we just need to buy the usual ones which are important functions, not prices, for the price of the mini trippot itself is IDR 40,000, - (Forty thousand rupiah).

3. Editing application

To make a good content, and to add a side to the content itself we have to edit the video that we have recorded using the application.

And for applications that use beginner YouTubers, among others, using a smartphone application instead of a PC application like Adobe Premier, we can use the Kine Master Application in the Playstore or Apps Store with this application, we can edit videos with many effects.

This editing side is one of the pluses for your content, where the editing side is one of the characteristics for your channel.

Now that's all that is used for beginner YouTubers, because to make a video content that's all that is needed, for example lighting can use sunlight for the lighting side.

Hopefully this information can be useful for those of you who really want to make a content on YouTube and want to grow even want to earn income from YouTube and this is just the first step to be able to start creating content on YouTube.

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