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Trying to be a Youtube Content Creator

hay, how are you doing?
sorry for all the readers on this blog if this blog rarely updates due to the busyness of the admin in managing time, which is where the admin has difficulty dividing his time, because he is busy managing YouTube channels and also some websites.

But the admin is now taking the time to make this post, which is where you also have to know that the name YouTube is now one of the many platforms that interest young people. Not only that, YouTube has become one of the biggest video platforms for now, although there are many competitors, but I can mention YouTube as one of the flatform videos that will not be shifted like Blogger.

Why did the admin share this content?
The admin feels this blog is one of the admin media to share stories in the admin's daily life, so the admin tries to share a little story about the admin managing YouTube.

For YouTube optimization, the admin feels not much different from the name of the blog, and indeed the admin feels that YouTube also has an SEO algorithm that is not much different from bloggers because it has the same shade, Google.

On YouTube it's now like today's television media, which is everywhere on YouTube, whether it's news, entertainment, or just a vlog provided by some content creators on YouTube itself.

Similarly, the YouTube blog also provides a pretty spectacular gift in my opinion through its adsense program, where content creators can make money by making video content and pay through advertisements that appear on the video.

If you like to make videos, you can immediately create a YouTube channel because it does not rule out the possibility that you will become one of the content creators who are successful on YouTube like the content creators who have already been on YouTube.

And if you are interested in watching video game content, business, and entertainment, you can immediately subscribe to the YouTube Reyh Creator channel, or you can just click on the link below.

So I have considered YouTube as the second media after blogs for the means to devote what is done in everyday life and it is proven that danya Blogspot and Youtube I feel that these two platforms are very suitable for content creators.

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