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What is Cryptocurrency

As already known, cyptocurency is a digital currency that is booming in online business and where there are many successful people from this one business and there are even people who are successful because they invest their money in cyptocurency and now that person have become rich people and can live well-off.

What is Cryptocurrency

Reporting from Wikipedia that Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is designed to function as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets. Cryptocurrency is an alternative type of currency and digital currency.

Like the understanding above, that cyptocurrency is one of the means of exchanging and becoming a digital currency that we can use for various needs both to pay.

You need to know that cryptocurrency itself has so many types, so maybe what we know is that Bitcoin is known as BTC, but there are so many types like Etherium, Menero, Ripple, Doge Coin and many more.

Here I add a little that in 2010 when I just got to know the name cruyptocurrency the price of 1 BTC was in the range of IDR 23,000,000, - (Twenty Three Million Rupiah) while now when I update, I see the price of 1 BTC has reached IDR 99,000 .000, - (Ninety Nine Million Rupiah) just imagine the difference is very much different and certainly the price is getting higher and this is what makes cryptocurrency businessmen get richer.

If at that time I invested my money and bought 0.1 BTC of minila for IDR 2,300,000, then now the price is 99 million then I already have 9,900,000, so I have a profit of IDR 7,600,000 within 8 year I can make real money without working anything.

So investing in the world of cryptocurrency is a business that is very promising, not just gold but this business is also one of the business that should be taken into account.

Now do you want to start a cryptocyrrency business?

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